Nasdaq Directors Desk – Pros and Cons

Nasdaq Directors Desk is a simple yet unique board meeting solution that can fit any type of organization or industry. Simplify your approach to preparing for board meetings by easily uploading the necessary documents to a confidential space and sharing them. Nasdaq provides its customers with a high-speed application that is hosted on servers around the world so that a user from any country can use the solution at the same high speed. In this article, we will give a detailed overview of the features of the Directors Desk portal for boards.

Nasdaq Directors Desk – Product Feature

Nasdaq has created a simple, but quite effective solution for managing the board meeting process called Directors Desk, which, although it doesn’t contain any exceptional features, has everything you need for a faster and more productive meeting. This arrangement suits most companies. The space aims to simplify board meeting preparation and provides a secure space to download, store and share important materials. Easy access ensures that every participant can see the information promptly and in a way that is convenient for them, no matter where they are in the world.

With the digital agenda feature, you can easily gather the items you need to discuss and create an agenda in minutes. Share the document via a shared platform so that other participants can start preparing for the meeting in time.

Directors Desk has all the basic features of a good board portal, which include online voting and polling, chat rooms for discussions, and the ability to save meeting minutes in space. In addition, the solution has other communication tools that can be useful for conducting meetings remotely, or partially remotely.

Directors desk app – main features

Below we have identified the main features of the Nasdaq Directors Desk and what benefits they provide:

  • Intuitive interface – The interface of the program is clear enough for a user with even the most minimal computer knowledge. Plus, the program’s display is the same on all operating systems and devices, so you can easily adapt to the space
  • Customer support – support is available 24 hours a day, and you can reach out to it whenever you want. Tech support can support customers from literally any country because it supports five languages in addition to English
  • Easy to use – you do not need to install any additional plug-ins to use the Director’s Desk, the space is online. There are several types of deployments of this board portal, either locally or in a private cloud, at your discretion
  • Security is an important part of any application that is designed to handle sensitive data. Nasdaq protects login with dual authentication and uses private key data encryption to reduce the risk of data leakage. The program administrator regulates access to documents based on roles and can set wait times to prevent unauthorized access to video conferencing or data review
  • Document templates -makes preparing for a meeting much easier, allowing you to create minutes and an agenda in minutes
  • Electronic Signature – Perform your duties even outside your work environment by signing documents remotely

Nasdaq Directors Desk – pros and cons

Below we have highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages of the Directors Desk according to the vendor’s customers, so the main pros include:

  • High levels of security and preservation of data and account integrity
  • Easy access from any device and operating system
  • Responsive customer service, available 24/7
  • Calendar with automatic update notifications
  • Real-time updates and fast server downloads

Major drawbacks include:

  • Lack of a free trial of the program
  • Excessive service fees
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